Sophie leaves home

Sophie the cat leaves home for a walk on the way to her favourite place behind the butchers waiting for the local butcher Fred to give Sophie a slice of fish Fred the butcher did not see Sophie so she went on her way.

Sophie is a house cat and has know need to find food as her owner Molly gives Sophie all the food she needs.

Sophie the Cat eating food.

Sophie eating food






Sophie is not the best eater and sometimes Sophie falls asleep in her food, Silly Sophine.



Sophie The Cat Goes To The Park

Sophie goes to the park. Sophie sits on the grass with her friend kity watching the children play.

Sophie and her friend kity.

Sophie and her friend kity.

Kity asked Sophie if she wants to slide down the slide. ┬áNo said Sophie i’m a scared cat, Kity laughed.

Kity dow a slide

Kity down a slide






 kity is brave as she slides down the slide. Weeeee