Welcome To Sophie Cat Pet Stories And Pet Care

Welcome To Sophie Cat

We welcome all bloggers in the debate over cats vs dogs and generally chat and talk about our pets it does not necessarily have to be about cats as you can see there is many posts about all types of pets.

Sophie and her friend kity.

Sophie and her friend kity.

There are many stories about Sophie the cat which are great for children to read you can add your own stories, videos’s about your own pets if you would like. I don’t like blog spamming so lets not do that or Sophie cat will get upset.

We try to provide useful information about pet care and have a VET that answers your questions on a weekly basis if you may have any this is very helpful if you would like to post your question on the pet health blog I’m sure you will get a good answer.

Debates on what we feed our pets if it be dried food wet food and treats. Whats the best value for money with the best nutrition values and where to buy.

Vets for pets with reviews for your areas. Please contact the us to add a new blog page that may help you and others and discuss whats on your mind.

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  1. Why do you insist to keep spamming blogs if you was good at internet marketing you would clearly know this is the worst thing you can do unless you are backwards and have learning difficulties.

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